london is walking

feet on pavement

muscles toned, habits forming.

anything needed?

my feet get me there,

my feet

and my breath,

breathing in on a count of five,

exhaling on a count of six.

the sky

the sky is shaped by brick and planted trees

it catches you when you least expect it

am I on a hill? oh I’m on a hill!


look at the sky!

suddenly, the sky for miles,

the horizon

winking at you

reminding you to shift focus

a bit wider, a bit wilder.

the tube isn’t really a tube

it’s a tunnel

with a train in it

and we pretend not to notice

even when our bodies are slammed against each other

we all become very good actors

or perhaps very bad ones

disappearing into our imaginations

escaping the present moment

praying for reality to fold on itself

so we can skip to the part

when we’re home.

london is layers

my new favorite word


and no, i don’t know how to pronounce it.

imagine an ancient tablet with writing

but the writer has a new, better idea

and has run out of tablets


so they erase what’s currently written

and pour their new ideas over the old ones

the old ones never quite totally gone

that’s a palimpsest.

london is layers

london is a palimpsest.

old breathes alongside new

shiny Apple stores built within medieval walls

McDonalds at the foot of a castle from 1100

layers of road dating back to the romans

pieces of history casually hung on building plaques,

on our building

“Dame Ida Mann, Ophthalmologist, Lived Here.”

hi Ida.

hope you’re well

thanks for welcoming us into your home

we love the floors –

i think they might be the original floors

pretty amazing to think we’re walking

the same worn wooden boards

that you paced

seeding your next brilliant idea.